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  • Birth Order and Your Love Life

    Does it ever seem like your siblings are luckier in love than you are? Do you always find yourself in the same role, as the responsible one, the entertainer, or the needy partner when you're in a romantic relationship?

    Birth order has a significant impact on your psychological makeup and attitudes toward romance. Your keys to happiness in love can be easily predicted by evaluating the role you play in your family.

    How it works

    Birth order analysis is not as straightforward as it may seem. In a family with four children, the second and third children may not necessarily behave as middle children. In large families, the oldest child often behaves more like an only child and the second like a last-born child, leaving the third child to assume the role of the first-born.

    Large gaps of time also affect a child's psychological make up. The third born child who is five or more years younger than the second born will perceive himself to be a first-born child. A son born after a string of daughters, or vice versa, is also likely to adopt the role of first-born.

    A psychic reading can shed light on the family dynamics that make you unique. Although we are affected by it, not all of our family history is known to us. For example, long lost brothers and sisters can have a major influence on the family. A psychic can help you to better understand past, present, and future relationships.

    The only child
    The characteristics of a first-born child are magnified in the only child. You can rely on an only child to be fairly loyal as the loneliness of their childhood translates into a desire to be true. When only children set goals, they are able to accompish things that seem impossible to others.

    But the only child is less of a perfectionist than the oldest child and more likely to stray in a relationship, especially in a situation where it seems they will never get caught, such as a solo vacation or while their mate is out of town for an extended period. The only child tends to play by the rules but works behind the scenes to bend the rules their way.

    First-born child
    Oldest children tend to be leaders. With an inclination toward following social norms, they tend to find success within established boundaries. And they take responsibility, sticking to the rules.

    First-born children are more likely than others to marry their childhoond sweethearts. They are also the more likely to stay in relationships that aren't working and try to fix things. If your soul mate is a first born, you are in a relationship that has a good chance of lasting a lifetime.

    Middle child
    Well-adjusted middle children occupy the happy middle. Because they are part of a hierarchy, they learn negotiating tactics very well. If your manager at work is a middle child, expect the best treatment your company has to offer.

    Middle children either marry very early (in an effort to be first at something) or late in life when they have found the perfect match. And they are great lovers, their desire to please their partner comes from an upbringing of learning how to cooperate and coexist. But be forewarned: Although they may seem generous and conciliatory most of the time, middle children are the fiercest competitors.

    Youngest child
    Far from being the runt of the litter, the youngest child is usually the most outgoing. They are also very low-maintenance lovers. Once in a relationship, it doesn't take much to keep a youngest child interested. But while they may be competent lovers and affectionate spouses, don't ever try to dominate them.

    Last-born children live to question authority. Far from parroting the ideas of others, look for them to be innovators in technology and fashion. They youngest child also has the best sense of humor in the family.

    Ghost child
    This is the child born into a family after a miscarriage, stillbirth or child who died as an infant. A ghost child combines the competitive qualities of the middle child with the responsibility attributes of the older child.

    Ghost children are very spiritual partners, melding effortlessly with almost any person who desires them. The problems in a ghost child's relationship usually center on their ambiguous attitude toward commitment and tendency to end things quite suddenly.

    The firstborn of a set of twins does not necessarily take on the role of the first-born child. Twins establish their own hierarchies in childhood and suddenly, usually between ages 11 and 22, switch into the opposite roles. One twin will exhibit characteristics of a first-born child and the other will adopt the role of a youngest child.

    The switch will usually be triggered by a traumatic or important event, such as a death in the family or a move to a new city. Once the switch happens, it is permanent. Twins usually make understanding partners who want to sample what the world has to offer.

    By an Advisor on Keen

  • From Friends To Lovers

    Ever wonder if your best buddy could be the man of your dreams? Find out if he is interested and learn the pros and cons of going from friends to lovers.

    True love based on friendship
    Ask the happiest couples you know about how they started dating, and you may discover that many were friends first. One secret of true love is that soul mates often start as friends.

    Friends plus
    Emotional intimacy is the basis of both strong friendships and happy relationships. It's easy to understand how becoming romantically involved with a male friend is tempting:

    • You've already seen each other at your worst and have learned to accept each other's flaws.
    • There are no surprises. You already know each other's friends, family and dating history.
    • It's easy to communicate with one another. After all, you've had practice sharing your thoughts and feelings with one another in a risk-free relationship

    Is he interested too?
    How do you know if a good friend is interested in becoming your lover? There are certain behavioral clues you can watch for:

    • He notices little things about you like a new haircut or the last time you wore a particular outfit. When a guy pays attention to your appearance even more than you do, thoughts beyond friendship may be on his mind.
    • He's unattached, or puts your friendship as a higher priority than the relationship he is supposedly in. If your guy friend switches the topic of conversation from what his girlfriend is doing to how much fun he has with you, then yes, he's hinting.
    • He spends a lot of time on his appearance before hanging out with you. If your guy transforms from a white-socked nerd to a casual hipster when the two of you get together, fashion is not the main inspiration. Men dress fashionably when they aim to seduce.
    • You spend time together during the weekend. Anybody with a fulltime job knows that Saturday and Sunday are sacred. Weekend hours are devoted to only the most special people. Three consecutive Saturdays with you are a big clue.

    The risks
    The majority of friends don't cross the line of platonic friendship out of fear that the change will be for the worse. And there's no doubt that it's difficult for friends who become lovers to go back to being just friends.

    While it is difficult to determine when the transformation from friends to lovers will be a bust, look for these clues:

    • Alcohol precedes any romantic overtures. Sure, a few drinks might help you both 'workup the nerve,' but more than likely a few drinks will lead to a one night stand and an embarrassing morning after.
    • He'a a known player. While you might hope that your friendship with him would make this relationship different from his others, don't get your hopes up. It is unlikely that you will change him and your friendship will probably be permanently damaged.
    • One of you has just ended or is still in a relationship. It is natural to turn to someone you are close to for support when a relationship ends or is not working out. But rebound romances are unlikely to last very long. It takes time to heal the wounds of a lost romance before a successful new relationship can begin.

    From a Psychic Advisor on Keen

  • Why Doesn't He Call - The Real Truth

    The answer is simple; if the man doesn't call, he has lost interest. Don't sympathize (or believe) a man who tells you that he is busy at work, sick in bed or away on vacation. The last time I checked they had phones at all those locations. If a man is interested, he will call even if it is a 30 second call to say he is thinking of you. Don't make excuses for him. If it is early in a relationship and a man has stopped calling, pick up the pieces, learn from the experience and move on. Don't invest the energy in someone who isn't interested in you.

    If a women is involved with a man and talks to him daily for a week or two, she feels they are connecting and she begins to open up to him. She begins to think about the possibility of a future together. Just as the woman feels there is a relationship and starts making inquiries or demands, the man begins to pull away. Sound familiar?

    Men think and process things in a very different way than women do. First and foremost, most men don't think of being in a relationship as quickly as women do. As a species, men generally are more casual going into a relationship. That is one reason why it is a wise decision not to disclose everything about you on the first date and certainly a reason not to get physical right off.

    Men like a challenge and they are programmed to work for the things they desire

    Men like a challenge and they are programmed to work for the things they desire. The more detached you are at the beginning of a relationship, the more you will intrigue a man. I'm not saying you should play games, but balance things. The more you open up at the beginning of a relationship inevitably the more you will chase the majority of men away. Give him the pleasure of wondering if you are warming up to him and give him the pleasure of chasing you. He is programmed to do that! The more he wonders, the more he is intrigued and the more he will pursue. If you pique his interest, he will do everything in his power to win you over.

    Form the Blog of "LadyFontaine" a Psychic Advisor on Keen

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